What is Kea Connect

Making global connections for the benefit of New Zealand.

Kea Connect, supported by ASB, connects Kiwi businesses to global New Zealanders helping them break into new markets. With a network of industry experts around the world, we're making sure no Kiwi has to make a cold call.

We’re always looking for passionate Kiwis who want to help.

Have a look at some of the Kiwi organisations who are looking for help from global New Zealanders.                                    

We’re here to help your global ambition.

Whatever stage your business is at, whatever kind of advice you’re looking for, New Zealand’s borderless nation is ready to help. Just fill out the Kea Connect form so we can get started.

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What we can do

  • Make warm introductions to members of the Kea network who may be able to give you business advice, market insights and/or further connections.
  • Post your business connection request on our website here and in our next newsletter, increasing the chances of finding the right introduction for you.
  • Help connect you to other organisations with resources and expertise that we don't have.

What we can't do

  • Advertise your product or service to the Kea network or find you customers.
  • Guarantee that every introduction will make your business an overnight success.
  • Ask the Kea network for funding on your behalf. However, we can connect you with organisations in this space.

World Class talent is waiting to help you

Fill out our online form by clicking the button below. From here we can begin the conversation about connecting you with the right member of the World Class New Zealand network to help you.