Who else has Kea been helping?

Each year, Kea draws from a rich network of high flying global Kiwis to make over 1,000 connections for New Zealand businesses. BioBags, Noissue and Spalk are three ambitious Kiwi companies Kea has helped connect this past month.

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BioBags and Noissue

Kiwi entrepreneur Josh Bowden runs BioBags and Noissue. BioBags produces fully compostable bags made from sustainable and renewable plant materials, while Noissue produces custom wrapping tissue from eco-friendly materials. Kea connected Josh to World Class New Zealander Jonty Kelt, Executive of Palantir Technologies, Ben Gunness at NZTE in Brisbane, Mark Hucke, a Kiwi communications specialist in London, and to ASB’s Business Banking team.

Who are BioBags and Noissue?

BioBags was created to battle the issue of plastic waste. Their eco-friendly products are made from renewable plant materials such as sunflowers, corn and potatoes. BioBags’ fully compostable and biodegradable products include bin liners, supermarket bags, sacks and mail bags.

Noissue allows businesses to design their own branded tissue paper, using their logo or a design of their choosing. Noissue’s products are eco-friendly and are shipped worldwide in under 3 weeks, to keep up with the fast moving industries of their clients.

Who is Jonty Kelt?

A World Class New Zealander, Jonty Kelt has worked in the tech industries in London, Shanghai and the US. Currently the Executive of Palantir Technologies, a data analysis software company, Jonty has a rich business network across e-commerce and digital marketing in North America. Jonty’s in-depth experience of the North American market meant he had a lot to offer Noissue.

Who is Mark Hucke?

A communications specialist with over 17 years’ experience, Mark currently runs his own communications consultancy Kane Communications in London. Mark has a range of connections across the FMCG industry in the United Kingdom and has previously worked for Bupa, Vodafone, Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline.

How did Jonty, Ben, Mark and ASB help Josh?

Jonty was able to give Josh valuable insight into digital marketing and HR for Noissue and now has an on-going relationship with Josh and Noissue, while Ben advised Josh on how to enter BioBags into the Australian market. Mark also offered to introduce Josh and BioBags to his wide network from FMCG contacts in Ireland. Additionally, ASB’s Business Banking team are working with Josh on how to best promote BioBags to ASB’s FMCG networks.

Through Kea’s network, Josh was able to meet with a number of people who advised him on marketing his businesses in NZ and internationally. He further made valuable contacts both at home and abroad who might be interested in BioBags and Noissue’s products. 

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Ben Reynolds is the co-founder of Spalk, software that synchronises live sports broadcasts with alternative commentary from fans, influencers and athletes. Spalk is looking to expand internationally, so Kea connected them to Michael Parker at MKTG, a global marketing agency, and Holly Knill, Director of Product and Technology at Seven Network, one of Australia’s major free-to-air television networks. The two were able to expand Ben’s network and offer advice on international markets.

Who are Spalk?

Spalk allows broadcasters to offer multiple commentary choices for live sports matches. Users can commentate on games from anywhere in the world and viewers can choose their favourite commentators. Ben Reynolds and Michael Prendergast founded Spalk in 2015, after they began commentating on sports matches via internet radio from their flat on the weekends. They quickly built up an audience of thousands but were frustrated with the delays of internet radio, so they set out to create their own commentary streaming service that synchronized with live games. Spalk opens up opportunities for multilingual and fan commentary, as well as commentary for amateur and college sports.

Who is Michael Parker?

Based in London, Michael Parker is the Group Business Director of MKTG, a global lifestyle marketing agency that focuses on the sport and entertainment industries. Michael has over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development and has worked extensively with sports brands and teams around the world. With his knowledge of the sports and entertainment industries and international connections, Michael was the perfect choice to advise Spalk on taking their technology to the world.

Who is Holly Knill?

Holly Knill has extensive experience in TV and marketing, having worked for TVNZ and SKY TV, as well as a consultant in London, Abu Dhabi and New York. In her role as Director of Product and Technology at Seven Network in Australia, she is in charge of leading Seven from a TV broadcaster to a multi-platform broadcaster. Her extensive knowledge of television and sports broadcasting meant she had a lot to offer Spalk.

How did Michael and Holly help Spalk?

Michael gave Ben feedback on Spalk’s sales strategy and advised him on how to approach broadcasters in the UK, as well as reaching out to his network to see if he could make any connections for Ben. Holly gave Ben some general advice on the broadcast industries and connected him with Seven’s Head of Sport, who loved Spalk’s product. Ben presented at a content workshop for premium summer sports events that Seven is broadcasting, and as a result, Spalk may be partnering with the Seven Network in the near future.

Through Kea’s network, Ben was able to connect with Michael to get advice on sales and working with UK broadcasters, and has developed an on-going relationship with Holly to explore opportunities with the Seven Network in Australia.


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