Welcomes and Farewells at Kea HQ

kea logo white smallNew Zealand’s global network Kea has announced some changes to its team that will ensure it continues to serve New Zealand’s interests globally and lead the world in diaspora engagement.

In an effort to work closer with NZ Inc organisations, Kea welcomes Sponsorship Manager Kerry Greene from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (on secondment). Kerry will be helping Kea leverage its community growth with its wider NZ Inc organisations and commercial partners. Kerry brings a wealth of NZ Inc experience to help ensure Kea’s growth and successful implementation of its current strategies, and will progress efforts to build on this national asset for New Zealand.

Kea’s Director of Global Events and Relations Ngapera Riley and Business Connections Advisor Nikkolai Osa will be the new points of contact for leading Kea’s connection service and World Class NZ network member engagement, as after five years with the organisation, Kea’s World Class New Zealand Programme Director Stephen Dee has moved on to work with the University of Auckland Alumni Relations. Stephen has been connecting and enabling Kiwi businesses with the incredible talent within Kea’s World Class New Zealand Network offshore and has played an invaluable part in relationship management within the community.

Matt Monk will head up Kea’s digital strategy as the new Communications Director following Global Communications Director Sam Mickell’s departure for AUT as the head of alumni strategy. Under Sam’s leadership, Kea’s digital community has grown exponentially over three years to more than half a million members thanks to an innovative digital strategy which other Governments look to as a measure for growing their digital diaspora engagement. Matt worked alongside Sam for the past three years and will be leading Kea’s digital engagement strategy with a new team.

Kea Global CEO Craig Donaldson says “Stephen and Sam understand what makes New Zealand and our people great, and they have been vital in growing and engaging Kea’s community. They will be missed, but Kea is in the fortunate position of having talented people such as Matt, Ngapera and Nikkolai to step up and help us continue to lead the world.”

Craig says the move by Stephen and Sam to New Zealand’s education sector in alumni relations can only enhance our country’s connectivity around the globe. “They have shown dedication to growing New Zealand’s borderless nation, and I’m proud to have worked with them.”