Watch: Inspire London with Molly Bedingfield


On Wednesday 10 June Kea and Robert Walters presented Kea Inspire with expat Kiwi Molly Bedingfield – social entrepreneur, executive coach and truly inspirational speaker who helps audiences practically navigate periods of transition and transformation to improve their personal and professional lives, create greater levels of impact and access their game-changing potential.

Watch a video from the event below, and stay tuned to Kea’s channels for upcoming Kea Inspire events which feature internationally-renowned New Zealanders taking on the world.

Molly is the mother of four children, each in their own right talented singer/songwriters. International pop stars Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield have established successful solo careers, while Nikola and Joshua are currently developing their own albums and writing songs for others. She home-schooled all four through their highschool education, placing a strong emphasis on creating an environment to allow creative ability to flourish and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

In 2005 Molly launched the internationally renowned Global Angels Foundation. With its hallmark 100% Promise, Global Angels empowers some of the world’s most disadvantaged families and communities. This has challenged the mainstream charity model, inspiring change in both charity and business sectors. Global Angels has been built with a passion and commitment to Molly’s principles of partnering, mentoring leaders, and creating effective teams. She inspires hearts and minds by including everyone on a journey of true transformation.