Voting has started in the first referendum on the New Zealand flag

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Over three million voting papers are on their way to Kiwis at home and around the globe so that they can have their say on the future of the New Zealand flag.

Voters are being asked to rank the five alternative flag designs selected through the flag consideration process from those suggested by New Zealanders.  There will be another binding referendum, in March 2016, to choose between the preferred alternative flag design from the first referendum and the current New Zealand flag.

The first referendum uses preferential voting, and you’ll be asked to rank the flags from your most preferred to your least preferred.

To complete your voting paper, write a “1” in the box of the flag option you prefer most.  Then you can put a “2” in the box of the option you prefer next, and so on.

You can rank as many or as few flag options as you wish, but you shouldn’t skip a number or use the same number more than once.

To find out more about the alternative flag designs visit the Flag Consideration Panel’s website at

How to get your voting paper

If you’ve enrolled and provided an overseas postal address your voting paper will be sent to you at that address.  These were sent from New Zealand on Wednesday 18 November and, depending on your country’s postal service, may take a week or more to arrive.

Otherwise your voting paper will be sent to your New Zealand address.  You can arrange someone to post it to you or apply for a replacement voting paper to be sent to you overseas.  You can do this online at or by calling +64 9 909 4182.  Get in touch if you are concerned that you will have problems receiving or returning your paper.

How to return your voting paper

There are three ways to return your voting paper from overseas.

You can upload a photograph or scanned image of your voting paper at or fax (+64 4 494 2300) it before 7pm Friday 11 December (NZ time).

You can also send it by post, but you need to make sure the envelope is post-marked by Thursday 10 December.