Voting from overseas in the 2014 New Zealand General Election

10342409_678872935500835_6073581552176092891_nNo matter where in the world you are, as a Kiwi you deserve to have your say in this year’s general election.

Over 70 offshore voting outposts have been listed as events with Kea, so you can log onto the Kea App or find them on Kea’s website and find what post is nearest you. Through Kea you’ll find posts in:

Afghanistan  |  Argentina  |  Australia  |  Austria  |  Belgium  |  Brazil  |  Canada  |  Chile  |  China  |  the Cook Islands  |  Egypt  |  England  |  Ethiopia  |  Fiji  |  France  |  Germany  |  India  |  Indonesia  |  Iran  |  Italy  |  Japan  |  Kiribati  |  Malaysia  |  Mexico  |  Myanmar  |  New Caledonia  |  Niue  |  Papua New Guinea  |  the Philippines  |  Poland  |  Russia  |  Samoa  |  Saudi Arabia  |  Singapore  |  the Solomon Islands  |  South Africa  |  South Korea  |  Spain  |  Switzerland  |  Taiwan  |  Thailand  |  the Netherlands  |  Timor-Leste  |  Tonga  |  Turkey  |  the United Arab Emirates  |  the United States of America  |  Vanuatu  |  Vietnam

Visit Kea’s event’s page to find an overseas post near you. If you can’t make it to a voting booth you can also vote online easily, whether you’re living overseas or you’re on holiday. You can find an application for overseas voting papers here.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen who has visited New Zealand in the last three years, then you’re eligible to vote. If you’re a permanent resident of New Zealand, you can also be eligible – but you have to have been back within the last 12 months.

It’s easy to get hold of your voting papers. Anytime from Wednesday 3 September, you can do one of the following:

- Download your voting papers at
- Apply to the Electoral Commission for postal voting papers
- Vote in person at an overseas post (just not on Election Day itself!)

Once you’ve filled out your papers, you can head back to the link above and upload a photo of your papers or a scanned image. You’re also welcome to fax the papers back to the Electoral Commission at +64 4 494 2300. If all else fails, you can post, courier, or hand deliver the papers to the Electoral Commission or your nearest overseas post.

Makes sure that you get your vote in on time. There are different deadlines for different ways of returning your voting papers, so read the following section carefully.

- An uploaded photo, a scanned image, or a fax must be received no later than 7pm, Saturday 20 September (New Zealand time).
- Voting papers returned to the Electoral Commission by post or courier must be postmarked no later than Thursday 18 September and received no later than noon, Wednesday 24 September (New Zealand time).
- Finally, voting papers returned to an overseas post must be received before the close of voting at that post. This is normally 4pm (local time) Friday 19 September, but check with your post since this is subject to a few things, such as local holidays.

Make your voice heard. For further information, visit

If you’re hosting election parties or functions and you want to find New Zealanders in your area, list it with Kea or head to Kea’s LinkedIn group and tell the community about it.