Top five tips for making your home a summer stunner

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A kiwi summer wouldn’t be complete without endless hours spent outdoors, enjoying good ol’ Kiwi barbeques, some backyard cricket and the company of friends and family.  This Christmas, make your home a summer stunner fit for endless entertaining with our top five tips.

1.  Wash away winter’s dirt and grime

Winter can be hard on our homes, covering them with dirt, grime and mould. Now the weather is warmer, get out your water blaster (you can hire them too) and freshen up your driveways, fences, decks, and outdoor furniture. Clean out the gutters, give the exterior of the house a wash or a fresh coat of paint if it’s really worn, and make those windows sparkle.

2.  Bring the sunshine inside

Draw back the curtains, open the windows, and breathe in the fresh air. Now’s the time to rid your home of all the cosy winter furnishings and make it light and airy. When it comes to accessories, think soft pastels or bright sunny colours rather than rich, warm winter tones. You may want to consider repositioning your furniture to make the most of the sun-drenched areas too.

3.  Create indoor/outdoor flow

Sometimes it’s a perfectly positioned deck or a clever furniture layout, other times it’s a big structural change, but regardless of how you achieve it, nothing says ‘summer stunner’ more than a house with great indoor/outdoor flow.

4.  Take the indoors out

Our days of hibernating inside are over. Why cook, dine, and relax inside when you can be out enjoying the warm summer air? Think outdoor kitchens, tables and lounging for the ultimate summer home. Adding extra little touches like citronella candles, solar powered lights, cushions, and herb gardens are a cost-effective way to take your outdoor entertaining area to the next level.

5.  Think efficient cooling options

When it comes to cooling a home in summer, there’s nothing more cost efficient than open windows. But sometimes that’s just not enough. Installing an air-conditioning unit is not only a great way to keep cool during the hot summer days, but it can add value to your home too. If you already have one, make sure its running at optimum efficiency by having it serviced annually. If you have ceiling fans, give them a thorough clean to ensure they’re performing at their best too.

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