The Kiwi Innovation Network: KiwiNet

Science + Application = Innovation

Scientists across New Zealand are making new discoveries that are changing the face of business innovation. From new powder metallurgy processes to high-tech industrial robots, KiwiNet helps bridge the gap between research discoveries and marketable products. 

KiwiNet is a national network of 16 Universities, Crown Research Institutes and Crown Entities collaborating to achieve better commercial outcomes for New Zealand. By combining our capability, sharing networks, tools and investment, we strive to accelerate research commercialisation. 

Since 2013, a portfolio of 265 projects have received $7.7M of PreSeed investment, $2.4M business co-investment alongside PreSeed, generating $13.9M in commercial returns to date, 11 start-ups, with $813M combined potential export returns to New Zealand. 

KiwiNet is often looking for commercial and technical capability to help projects achieve their full potential. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Kea to access the amazing commercial and technical capability of the New Zealand diaspora.

If you are keen to help with projects or to tap into scientific capability across NZ  please contact: or phone 07 858 5049.

Get Involved! Artificial Intelligence Project

A cutting-edge research team from University of Canterbury (UC), led by Prof. Simon Brown have demonstrated innovative steps in the neuromorphic computing space, fabricating a new type of chip that functions in a way that is similar to a brain processing information.  The chips are essentially a hardware analogue of an artificial neural network - hardwired to do machine learning. The technology is still very early stage, but UC are exploring a range of target applications with a view to giving the development team a clear direction.

To help with taking this technology global, UC is looking for an independent international perspective of the commercial opportunity, including strategic advice, and introductions to commercial partners. UC is looking for expert knowledge and experience at the intersection of three sectors: artificial neural networks, nano-electronics and the semiconductor industry. If you have related experience and would have some time to help the team or know someone who could, we would really like to hear from you. Contact or 07 838  4879.

The Kiwi Innovation Network: KiwiNet