The importance of telling your New Zealand Story


New Zealand Story provides businesses with free tools and resources to help communicate their unique attributes and value to international markets. David Boyd, founder of Foot Science International, says it’s been vital to tell a compelling story about Foot Science International and to spend time figuring out what makes their story stand out from others.

“In today’s world where our company comes from is increasingly important. Customers want to know about us. They want to know where we come from, how we work and what it means to be part of Foot Science International. By telling our story we deepen our relationships, grow loyalty and position our products as premium. “There’s no point putting up a beautiful tourism image of New Zealand when we’re marketing to our medical market. For them the scientific background and efficiency of what we do is all important – so we’ve got to emphasise messages about New Zealand’s fresh thinking and resourcefulness,” says David.

“The New Zealand Story is a very important part of us being able to differentiate ourselves. The New Zealand Story framework gives us a great starting point for how we talk about being from New Zealand. From there we add information specific to our business and make the story our own.

From our beautiful Open Spaces that people know about us to the Open Hearts of the unique people in our team to our Open Minds – our world class innovation. We’re selling a therapeutic product, so we have to show how our products can be used as part of a treatment to solve a patient’s problems with their feet.