TechConnect recruitment event tackles skill shortage with offshore tech talent

NZ-TechConnect-LogoThe New Zealand ICT industry has the fastest growth index of any industry in the country and is expected to be the leading export earner within 6 years, but a serious skill shortage is now threatening to bring New Zealand’s rapidly growing tech sector to a halt.

The Government is working on promoting tech careers to entice future tech graduates but this is a long term solution. Luckily, one company has been working on a more immediate solution.

Workhere New Zealand is focused on connecting Kiwi employers with highly skilled offshore talent and recently partnered with Immigration New Zealand and the NZ Tech Industry Association (NZTIA) to showcase the Kiwi tech scene to a global audience through TechConnect – an online recruitment event.

More than 30 New Zealand ICT companies signed up for the event, offering over 150 roles to tech talent all around the globe. The event included a panel with representatives from NZTIA, Air New Zealand, IAG, Orion Health, Xero and Unleashed Software, and also included a live Q&A with official advice from Immigration New Zealand.

Candace Kinser, CEO of the New Zealand Tech Industry Association started off the panel by introducing the Kiwi tech scene and the challenge it faces.

“It will be the largest industry for New Zealand in 2020, which bodes really well for everybody who’s in the sector but it’s also one of the crunch points in terms of trying to generate that growth but not having enough people in the country to actually ensure that we can get there.”

The event led to over 2,500 applications and over 1,200 questions were answered directly, ranging from which skills are in demand and work visa advice, through to questions about the cost of living and opportunities for family members.

The Q&A is now closed but you can still watch the event interviews on the Workhere New Zealand event page.

If you work in the Information and Communications Technology industry or know somebody who does, this could be the perfect opportunity to take on the Kiwi lifestyle with a new job in New Zealand. Some of the country’s best tech companies are currently advertising job opportunities on so sign up now, complete a candidate dossier, and start applying.


TechConnect Panel

  • Andrew Patterson, Broadcaster for RadioLive (MC)
  • Candace Kinser, CEO for NZ Tech Industry Association
  • Julia Raue, CIO for Air New Zealand
  • Kevin Angland, CIO for IAG
  • Ian McCrae, CEO for Orion Health
  • Andrew Tokeley, Product Manager for Xero
  • Gareth Berry, CEO for Unleashed Software
  • Carl Andrews, Relationship Manager for Immigration New Zealand


Tech Connect event stats:

  • 5,291 people registered their interest in the event
  • 1,125 people watched the event live
  • Over 3,500 people have watched the event since
  • Approximately 1,200 candidate questions were answered
  • 157 ICT job opportunities were advertised during the event
  • More than 2,500 job applications were generated as a result