Tech jobs in New Zealand - the Innovation Islands

Innovation Islands - KeaOver the last few weeks, Workhere New Zealand in partnership with Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has been preparing for the launch of the “Innovation Islands” campaign to attract tech talent out of Australia to New Zealand. The campaign highlights New Zealand as a global leader in technology and innovation and encourages tech experts to apply for jobs in demand here in New Zealand.

The “Discover the Innovation Islands” campaign runs until 31 October 2014 and is being supported by government. This joint initiative is being produced by Immigration New Zealand and Workhere New Zealand with support from the New Zealand Technology Industry Association and several economic development agencies.

The marketing of the campaign targets Kiwi ex-pats interesting in coming home, Australian citizens and other foreign nationals currently working in Australia across the tech spectrum, including Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers and associated support roles.

Candidates are driven to the campaign site where they can find out who’s hiring and apply for jobs via the Workhere platform. They can also find out about the NZ tech industry in general and what the various regions have to offer. The campaign will attract top tech talent by delivering creative messaging through digital channels such as traditional job boards, job board aggregators, professional networking sites, social media channels and other prominent digital sites.

The initiative has already captured the interest of more than 60 NZ-based companies with over 250 tech roles that are waiting to be filled. Workhere and MBIE expect to see in excess of 1,500 job applications as a direct result from the targeted digital marketing.