Taranaki is calling you home

taranakiAs you get caught in yet another traffic jam, join a long line for a coffee, figure out how many years you’ll be saving just to get the deposit for a mortgage, or have to use a travel agent to go surfing, that little voice of home will start to make itself heard.

It’s a funny thing, homesickness – equal parts nostalgia, envy and hope: nostalgia for the fond memories  you retain, envy for those that still get to live like this, and hope that you too can one day have the lifestyle you once had and still dream of.

In Taranaki we’re sorry to admit we have an icon for homesickness, an indelible emblem of all these things – Mount Taranaki. Once you’ve lived in its shadow, it’s easy to recall how wonderful life is here, how friendly the community and the endless opportunities for activity and adventure.

And now’s a great time to return home. The region’s economy is at the pointy end of New Zealand’s (which in turn is at the sharp end of the global economic recovery) which means there are some great opportunities across a whole range of industries. Plus, we know your friends and family will be happy to see you again. Stop dreaming and start living – Check it out now.

So next time you find yourself thinking of home, check out Rediscover Taranaki for a simple solution. Yes there are images of our 2518m-tall homing beacon, but there are also ways in which you can start to plan your homecoming, including stories of those who are loving their move back to Taranaki and found both the lifestyle and career they were looking for.

Taranaki is calling you home. It’s time you listened.

Photo credit: Rob Tucker