NZ employers want expat talent

world map nzOver the past few years Kea has been working with Kiwi employers to help promote New Zealand as not just a lifestyle destination, but a country that can hold its own against the rest of the world in terms of career opportunities and international expertise.

Working with such partners as Workhere New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Business and Innovation and Employment, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, Christchurch development agencies, Auckland business hubs and many more, Kea wants to make sure that New Zealand’s expats know about the job prospects back home.

In 2013 Kea held the Every Kiwi Counts survey which asked 12,000 expats about their connection to New Zealand and their life offshore. With half our expats earning over $NZ100k per year, the grass always looks greener offshore. It’s a common discussion on Kea’s LinkedIn group where expats who want to return home or those who have are having difficulty finding a job. Candidates say employers are intimidated by international expertise, and offshore experience isn’t as relevant to the NZ marketplace.

The EKC survey also found most expats believe NZ is a great place to live, but not affordable for many. Expats are coming home a little less often and staying away a little longer, but just under half are confident their future is back in NZ. Around 30% say they’re unsure whether they’ll return home to live.

Despite all of this, nearly every offshore Kiwi still considers NZ home in one way or another. The biggest reason for not returning is that there is a lack of career prospects and opportunities in New Zealand.

That’s just one place where Kea can help.

There are upcoming NZ job fairs in London, Manchester, Dublin, and South Africa. Campaigns were held last year across Australia to bring word of NZ employment opportunities to expats and those exploring a future in NZ. Wellington is targeting expats. Christchurch wants your experience. Workhere New Zealand has hundreds of opportunities year round for people considering a move back home, and these roles are tailored for to expat talent. Immigration NZ, Grow Wellington, NZTech and NZ Music are joining forces to showcase New Zealand’s technology industry at the legendary South by South West (SXSW) festival in Austin this March. Jobs are posted all the time on Kea’s LinkedIn group in the jobs section.

If you’re seriously considering a move home, you can contact any of these agencies or talk to the Kea community to ask what they’ve heard of. Stay tuned to Kea’s channels to see what opportunities are happening near you, and start planning your dream lifestyle future in New Zealand today.