Calling NZ’s top global digital talent

We’re looking for New Zealand’s best global digital talent

With Kea’s mission to make global connections for the benefit of New Zealand, we meet a lot of people looking for all kinds of business support. Outside of international distribution, market-entry advice and supply-chain insights, New Zealand has a drastic shortage in tech. Our biggest companies are all looking for higher capability in the tech space, but top digital talent just isn’t abundant in this country.

So here’s the ask – Kea is seeking expressions of interest from global digital talent who want to get involved with New Zealand businesses.

Whether you’re considering moving back home, you want to work in an advisory board capacity, or just want to test the waters and see what NZ businesses are doing, we’ve got businesses of all sectors, shapes and sizes that need help.

What's here isn't enough

While there is tech talent in New Zealand, it’s the same small group of technical leads whose valuable time is stretched between the biggest boards. Those with the digital skills can pick and choose what companies to play with, which cuts out many SMEs.

In a market like New Zealand, where our best and brightest tend to work offshore during their peak years, how can we combat the shortage of top digital talent? 

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Here’s a list of technology-focussed issues large-scale Kiwi businesses and tech leaders have told us New Zealand is facing:

  • There is a sore lack of solid knowledge and experience at scale in implementing digital business.
  • There are not enough dedicated technological architects, data integration scientists, developers (Blockchain, iOS, Android, Javascript, embedded software devices), or technical leads with relevant experience.
  • Better programmes are needed to entice digital talent operating offshore, along with a strong value proposition as to how their skills can help NZ.
  • Potential talent should be made aware of future focused jobs at NZ’s biggest companies.
  • Companies need to build and educate existing capacity as well as bringing in the much-needed talent.
  • The key industries facing digital disruption are telecommunications and media, retail and consumer, and most importantly agriculture given the percentage of our exports and GDP this sector contributes to.
  • There is hesitation and fear around embracing technology, which is holding us back. Automation is coming, so we need to find a way to make it work for us, not against.
  • If companies are struggling for digital talent, make it known. You’re not alone – the more opportunities there are for top digital talent, the more likely it is that talent will hear you.

If you’re a true tech leader who wants to help NZ companies, let us know

We can help and educate you with what’s happening in the market, and help you find opportunities through advisory and mentorship. There are organisations with future-focussed mind sets which will truly embrace and utilise your knowledge, skills and experience.

If you’re in an exponential tech sector (AR/VR/MR, AI, Biotech, Cleantech, Fintech, Nanotech, etc) we’d love to hear from you.

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