New Zealand arrives at the global party for women’s giving

The strength of women and dreams of girls is taking wing in Aotearoa in the form of a new fund created by the Auckland Foundation.

New Zealand’s first women’s fund is pooling the collective donations and ideas of its members to make a lasting impact for Kiwi women and girls.

Taking note of a global movement in women’s giving, the fund was launched by Dellwyn Stuart last November a year after she started in her role as CEO of Auckland Foundation. 

Since then, the fund has climbed to 59 members, and interest in the idea of women’s generosity has been piqued around the country – as demonstrated by the sold-out Women Give 2018 event in March, co-hosted by Dellwyn’s team and Philanthropy New Zealand and attended by 112 people.

The fund launched with a campaign about ‘100 Women’, posing the question, ‘what if we were 100 women?’ and featuring some sobering statistics about the issues New Zealand’s women and girls face as examples of the sort of impact the fund could aim for.

On the other side of the story, Dellwyn says it’s exciting to think about the impact 100 women can make when working together.

“It’s been fascinating to learn about the difference between women’s and men’s giving behaviour. Giving collectively and socially appeals to women’s desire to create relationships and work together.

“Women and girls have a powerful potential to make positive change happen in their communities.”

The outcomes will benefit everybody, says Dellwyn, as impacting women tends to impact whole whānau and communities.

And the fund will not be strictly focused on Auckland issues, there is a desire and scope to be nationwide in impact. The collective members will decide where grants are made and which challenges are tackled.


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About the Women’s Fund

What: a generous community with collective pooling (large or small, one-off or regular) of philanthropic donations focused on making change happen for girls and women.

Who: all genders welcome, anyone who wants to see a more equitable New Zealand.  So far the fund has 50 members

Where: Auckland Foundation administers the fund.

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About community foundations

New Zealand communities are relative latecomers to the benefits of community foundations. This popular and efficient way of giving, targeting the social improvement of a specific place, has been popular in the United States for over 100 years. Now a global phenomenon, 1,700 exist around the world with 14 in New Zealand.

A community foundation can administer any number of funds, which are all able to take advantage of the foundation’s charitable organisation structure and governance, doing away with the requirement for multiple entities and reducing administration and compliance costs.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation provides an encouraging benchmark for how quickly they can have an impact. A decade since forming, it’s now the largest community foundation in the world, with more than $8 billion in assets under management and having granted $4.3 billion.

How Kea members can get involved

The Women’s Fund can make it simple for you to stay connected with how women and girls are doing back home.  Mark the 125th anniversary of world leading suffrage, by making an investment in positive change for gender equality and join the fund

New Zealand arrives at the global party for women’s giving