Louise Duncan shares what she learnt at Kea Connect Live

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Kea Connect Live, supported by ASB, was a half-day event held on 15 June, 2016, that brought together 30 ambitious up-and-coming Kiwi businesses with 30 World Class New Zealanders. The event involved one-on-one mentoring sessions and showcased live speakers from around the world. Louise Duncan of TetraMap International talks about what her company got out of the event.

Day2 523Tell us about yourself and TetraMap International, Louise?

Sure. I’m a left-handed lover of learning and a Briwi (British Kiwi). I’m passionate about global literacy, which gives people freedom, choice and change in their lives. I love words, calligraphy, and walking. I have a great family, travel when I can, and want to experience more of South America. I was amazed by Machu Pichu and loved the vibrancy of Buenos Aires. My role as GM at TetraMap International has given me opportunities to meet many interesting people, see new places and learn continually. I’m appreciative every day.

TetraMap is a global model, tool, framework and approach created in New Zealand. It helps individuals, teams and organisations to communicate better, reduce conflict and embrace diversity. In a nutshell, TetraMap is an experiential tool for learning about self and others to transform team performance. We have 1000+ facilitators in 20 countries across the globe, and have recently certified our first facilitator from Thailand! We have clients in all sectors, including military, corporate, government, community and education.

Why did you attend Kea Connect Live? What were you hoping to get out of it? 

Inspiration. Getting out of our own network. Learning more about extending our reach. Specifically, we hoped to gain tips, advice and connections for Australia as a market where we are not yet well known.

Tell us a bit about the people you met and the advice you received?

We met with four mentors who each gave us tips in the 20 minutes we had with them.

For example, my colleague and I met with Steven Renata, the CEO of KIWA Digital, who advised us to deep-dive into conflict and stand tall in our expertise and experience. Every team and organisation has conflict and most want to know how to resolve it. He felt that would make us stand out from the crowd.

We also met Rachel Petero, the Founder and CEO of RP Enterprise & Investment Group and RISE2025, whose vision is to develop and inspire purposeful leaders. Rachel gave me a personal coaching tip and firmly advised I remove the word ‘try’ from my dialogue. She said “Louise, you are either going to do something or you are not.” Blunt and to the point. I got it. From a business perspective, she recommended we find one or two strategically aligned organisations in our target market, identify where we could add value and then concentrate our effort on building a relationship with them.

What was the highlight of the event?

I was captivated and inspired by the keynote from Shane Grant, the VP/GM of the Glaceau Business Unit at The Coca Cola Company, who beamed in live from New York City.

Shane’s top tips that resonated with us were:

  1. The US is the land of opportunity and it wants the underdog to win.
  2. It is the polar opposite of a market like Australia. In the US you can partner with plenty of smaller businesses who will support your entry into the market. 
  3. How you create a shared sense of belief and a shared sense of winning is key to your success. 
  4. Be brave. Be there. Just start. Take the chance. 

I was also impressed by how well the event was organised and how smart the event app was. It was an excellent combination of technology and face-to-face connections.

What tips would you give businesses attending Kea Connect Live in the future?

Come prepared to listen, learn and leave with space in your diary afterwards to action and implement what has been of significant value to you.

What's next for TetraMap?

We’re continuing our move into digital development. We have a proven model and process that builds meaningful, long-lasting relationships - and that’s a real gift to the way the world works now. But we must ensure the magic TetraMap creates is retained online. There is no doubt it can be. Today’s technology means we can do more with less. That’s both exciting and scary.

In the words of marketing guru Seth Godin, “If it scares you, it’s probably a good thing to try!”

To find out more about TetraMap International, contact Louise Duncan at louise@tetramap.com

Kea Connect, supported by ASB, is Kea’s business connection service. If your business is looking to connect with industry experts around the world, like TetraMap did, contact Kea today.