Looking to buy property in Auckland?

????????????????????Kea’s 2013 Every Kiwi Counts survey revealed 40 percent of expats are currently considering purchasing property in New Zealand. While Kiwi expats continue to command big dollars overseas, the pull of ‘brand New Zealand’ and a desire to connect with home is stronger than ever. Buying residential or investment property, especially in the booming Auckland market, is seen by many as a great way to invest those hard-earned dollars for the future.

But buying a home in New Zealand can be a minefield; houses for sale without a price, secret reserves, leaky buildings, high pressure auctions, pushy agents trying to get the highest price for their sellers. The list goes on.

The difficulties are compounded ten times when a buyer is based overseas or is unfamiliar with the local property market. One mistake can prove extremely costly.

Overseas buyers need professional independent advice and someone acting in their best interests throughout the purchasing process to ensure they buy the property that’s right for them and at the best possible price.

Auckland HomeFinders provides expats with a comprehensive range of services to help them buy property in Auckland with confidence.

Their services include:

  • The complete search, evaluation and negotiation package, where they look after all aspects of the buying transaction
  • Negotiation and auction representation
  • One-on-one hourly advice on anything from suburb selection for maximum capital appreciation to offer strategies for a specific properties
  • Rental search and acquisition
  • Property investment advice and management of due diligence

Whatever the service provided, Auckland HomeFinders acts only for the buyer – never the seller – and is focused on buying specifically to a client’s brief.

Auckland HomeFinders is a buyers’ agency run by Stephen Hart and is licensed under the Real Estates Agent Act 2008.

Stephen is the author of the top-selling books, Where to Live in Auckland and The Streetwise Home Buyer. He also writes regularly on home buying for the New Zealand Herald.

To find out more about how Auckland HomeFinders can help you buy residential or investment properties go to www.aucklandhomefinders.co.nz or call Stephen on +64 9 524 5922 or email stephen@aucklandhomefinders.co.nz