Kiwi mobile marketing firm supports use of ad blockers

motimThe Kiwi firm behind award-winning mobile campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands is planning a 2016 launch for its new cloud-based software platform in the United States, and is undergoing a Snowball raise to do so.

Motim Technologies has pioneered the development of augmented reality and other camera-based technology for mobiles, and has worked on global campaigns for the likes of Becks, Coca-Cola, Nike, Sony, Disney and Universal.

Motim Chief Executive Andrew Plimmer says consumers are rapidly transitioning to a mobile-first world and advertisers and publishers are struggling to keep up.

“Since the release of Apple’s iOS9 there has been huge debate in the media and marketing industries regarding the growing popularity of ad blockers. Some have commented that over 75 per cent of publishers’ revenue comes from the very display advertising that this technology now blocks. While consumers may prefer an ad-free mobile experience, there are clearly ramifications for advertisers on how they communicate with mobile consumers.

“We see it as a major change that will accelerate the evolution of how brands engage consumers on mobile. For years we’ve been helping marketers be more creative and respectful in how they use mobile – consumers consider mobile as part of their personal space so treating it like a broadcast platform simply doesn’t work.”

What Motim has been able to do quicker and better than anyone else, says Plimmer, is use its technology to create unique brand experiences that don’t feel like advertising.

“Rather than turning consumers off with intrusive ads, we create cool mobile experiences that people want to engage with.”

Motim’s existing advertising agency partners in the United States are the key targets for the new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which will allow agencies to buy mobile media space for publishing mobile campaigns with Motim’s interactive technologies.

To fund the launch of the platform, Motim is opening an equity crowdfunding offer today on leading platform Snowball Effect:

The offer has a funding target of $500,000 (9.6 per cent of the firm’s equity) and a funding cap of $1.5 million (24.1 per cent of the firm’s equity). The firm has a pre-money valuation of $4.7 million and is backed by cornerstone investors Powerhouse Ventures and the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund.

Plimmer says Motim expects to earn substantial recurring revenues from the SaaS platform, mainly from the United States where the US$25 billion mobile advertising market is growing at 34 per cent year on year.

Plimmer says with Motim’s new SaaS platform incorporating the emerging space of ‘visual search’ (utilising smartphones’ in-built cameras) as well as display marketing, the firm has a significant advantage over newcomers to the mobile market.

Motim will also continue to develop bespoke mobile campaigns for agency and corporate clients.