Kiwi company launches international health insurance cover for expats

?????????nib, New Zealand’s second largest health insurance provider, has launched an innovative new product to provide Kiwis with international health insurance cover. nib has partnered with Kea to let expats know about the new service, which caters specifically for New Zealanders working or living overseas, or for people undertaking an extended OE.

nib global health provides comprehensive health and medical insurance cover to Kiwis in most countries around the world. With an estimated 800,000 Kiwis living overseas and over 45,000 Kiwis going overseas for an extended period each year, nib New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Rob Henninsaid the launch of the product was to provide support to New Zealanders travelling and working overseas for extended periods.

“Our research has shown that a lot of these people rely on travel insurance or in some cases don’t have any insurance for medical and health expenses when outside of New Zealand. However, for extended stays, travel insurance is simply not a comprehensive form of insurance to cover health and medical costs, which in some cases can result in significant out of pocket health costs and even worse, people not being able to access the level and type of cover they may urgently need.”

nib said it expects its nib global health cover range will be very attractive to New Zealand organisations who have employees working and travelling overseas.

“Organisations with employees offshore can now make sure their people’s health cover costs are covered. Organisations sending employees overseas can now obtain comprehensive health cover before they leave, without a prior medical examination,” Mr Hennin said.

The nib global health range is available to customers now by visiting