Kea taking NZ Inc to Asia Pacific


Kea, New Zealand’s global expat network, is connecting Asia Pacific based Kiwis with a series of events hosted at Google’s head offices.

The Inspire series began with a successful event held in Tokyo in July and continued to Sydney this month. The final Inspire event of the Asia Pacific series will be held at Google HQ in Singapore on August 25th.

Kea Global CEO Craig Donaldson says taking ‘Inspire’ into Asia Pacific is part of the organisation’s long term strategy to accelerate more meaningful connections among New Zealand’s growing diaspora.

“Feedback from our member network has been for more opportunities to strengthen their local networks through advice, support and collaboration from other Kiwis abroad, particularly throughout the APAC region,” said Mr Donaldson.

“Taking the ‘Inspire’ brand into this region of economic significance to focus on creating strategic networks for Kiwis will deliver tangible benefits to members and aid in strengthening New Zealand interests around Asia Pacific.”

The spark behind the events hosted by Google came from a connection between Kea and a member of its World Class New Zealand network, Google’s APAC director of Enterprise Geospatial, Richard Suhr.

A passionate New Zealander who is making inroads for the tech giant in this key region, Suhr sees real value in connecting the expat network with the vast opportunities for New Zealand in APAC nations.

“We’re excited to host Kea’s ‘Inspire’ series, connecting Kiwi talent and helping to identify the opportunities and challenges for business in these regions that will lead to tangible outcomes for Kea and New Zealand,” he said.

Topics focus on the benefits of working with other New Zealand businesses in the global marketplace – for both the nation and individual businesses – while guest speakers provide first-hand experience of how New Zealand businesses have benefited from just being Kiwi, and how growth has occurred right across the globe through connections made with other Kiwi businesses and individuals.

Donaldson says the growing reach and influence of the Kea network is promising for New Zealand business.

“Two years ago Kea’s online network was only 30,000. Now it is over 10 times that size, and we’ve just launched a mobile app to make it even easier to connect. The World Class New Zealand network has also doubled within that period.

“’Inspire’ is one way we leverage these powerful networks, and on a macro level we are placing far greater focus on empowering our members to seek out new connections through innovation like the Kea app, which geolocates members around the globe and gives them a platform to connect with one another.”


Inspire Asia Pacific events

Inspire Tokyo: July 23rd Google Headquarters
Google panellists: Richard Suhr, Shinichi Abe
Guest speaker: Johnny Hendricksen
Kea host: Global Communications Director Sam Mickell

Inspire Sydney:­ August 6th Google Headquarters
Google panellists: Richard Suhr, Kevin Ackhurst, Tony Keusgen
Guest speaker: Matthew Tukaki
Kea host: General Manager of the World Class NZ Network Richard McLean and Network Relationship Manager Ngapera Riley

Inspire Singapore: August 25th Google Headquarters
Google panellists: Richard Suhr, Ricky Kapur, Julian Persuad
Kea host: World Class NZ Programme Director Stephen Dee
Guest speaker: Roger Sharp