Kea partners with Tuatara Brewery

_MG_0356Kea has announced a partnership with Tuatara Brewery to supply Tuatara beer at select Kea events in New Zealand and around the world.

The partnership saw the 15-year-old brewery showcase its craft beer at a series of Kea’s worldwide events and the 2015 World Class NZ Awards in early July.

“World class Kiwis deserve world class beer,” says Craig Donaldson, CEO of Kea.

“Tuatara has been a leading light of the New Zealand craft beer scene since the industry was knee-high.  In the last few years, Tuatara has grown exponentially in New Zealand and exploded onto the international stage. Tuatara’s brews, showcasing new-world creativity and the distinctive tropical aromas unique to New Zealand hops, have won numerous awards all over the world.”

“Due to overseas demand, we expect to quadruple our export sales in the next year, with much of it going to United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and Europe,” says Richard Shirtcliffe, Tuatara CEO.

“Tuatara shares Kea’s vision and passion for growing the New Zealand export economy. Tuatara is a founding member of the NZ Craft Beer Collective, a collective of five Kiwi craft breweries who collaborate to overcome the challenges of exporting beer from the edge of the world and a portfolio approach to raise the profile of the whole NZ craft beer sector in global markets.”