Kea Member Profile: Meiling Su, Beijing

Meiling Su 1Where are you from and what is your background?

I am a Chinese citizen. My family lives up in the northeast of China. I went to college in Beijing where I majored in International Business. Through my college (China University of Political science and Law), I did the exchange programme with Victoria University of Wellington at the Business and Accounting school.

I stayed six months in New Zealand, mostly in Wellington, but also traveled around between the islands. At the beginning of this year I visited NZ again. It was totally exiting, nostalgic and enjoyable. Part of my heart always stays with NZ.


What happened after your time in NZ?

I left NZ to pursue a master degree in Europe. My sojourn in NZ was the first time I lived abroad. The unforgettable experience opened my horizons and encouraged me to keep going to other places in the world for continuous exploration. After NZ, I lived in Europe for a few years study and work.  Wherever I am, I always miss NZ, the ingenuous and honest character of the society, the kind and down to earth people I have met and the breath-taking landscape.


Tell us about your current work?

I have taken a few different positions at work as Programme Assistant at the United Nations, Research Fellow at the World Trade Organization and Consultant at International Institute for Sustainable Development. I am currently working with China Trade Institute, an America based consulting firm. My role involves representation of the China office, market research/analysis on China related international trade/in-bound and out-bound financing/ legislation issues and PPP activities, external relationship management with fortune 500 companies, major Chinese SOEs and multinational organizations such as the World Bank & the Asian Development Bank, as well as assistance to the President.


Describe your International lifestyle.

It has been diverse and dynamic. I pursued an Erasmus master programme, which allowed me to study in four universities throughout Europe and the United States. I have always lived in an international environment with people from all around the world in the past few years.  I can see myself benefitting very much from this experience. Besides enriching my life, it also bestowed long lasting friendships, stronger spirits and comprehensive understanding of the world.


What did you take from NZ, that now impacts on your life in China?

I think the I learnt how to be  cordial and thoughtful to other people. At work, I always tell myself to be kind and honest to your partner and clients. This is also my life principle which I learnt in New Zealand.


On a personal level, what motivates you?

Follow your heart. I think the most important thing is to listen to your own heart and know better about yourself, see what you are good at, where you need to improve and what you really want. Knowing yourself and your relationship with the world better, then you can learn how to position yourself. My heart led me to explore the world and at this stage it leads me back to NZ and this determines my further goals.


What are your goals?

In the long run, I hope to work in the area that relates to NZ-China bilateral relations. I hope to contribute my own international background to improve and enhance the mutual interests and understanding between the two countries in the areas of trade, education as well as culture exchange.