Kea Member Profile: Drew Knowles, United States

Professional Drew PicCalifornia-based Kiwi Drew Knowles works closely with individuals from all over the world teaching them how to apply the knowledge and skill of transactional competence to their business and personal aims.

Vice President and now partner of California based Influence Ecology, Drew represents a new breed of ambitious Kiwis expanding their influence and reach around the globe. With customers in eleven countries, Drew has been building a strong network globally, as well as a solid base of customers right here at home, resulting in New Zealand accounting for 16% of the total customer base for Influence Ecology, and Auckland representing the second largest population of clients right behind Chicago.

“New Zealand is a captivating and ambitious place to live and work. The more people from around the world that discover it the better off we all are. It is the people and our entrepreneurial spirit that make New Zealand so very attractive for development and innovation. I am thrilled at the work being done to attract the best and brightest the world has to offer to New Zealand and Kea’s commitment to support Kiwis globally! We are poised to lead the way into a new and dynamic twenty-first century,”says Drew.

Based in California, Influence Ecology offers business owners and other professionals a highly specialised education and training in transactional competence.

“Influence Ecology offers an education and an environment that is extremely effective,” Drew says “and it was this combination, education and environment, that most attracted me to their methodology – first as a customer, and now as a partner in the company.”

As someone with 18 years of experience in training and education in the field of human behaviour, who is committed to the study of how the mind/brain functions in our everyday situations, Drew was fascinated with how so many successful professionals struggled and even suffer over their day to day activities and how that activity consumed their work life. Through his research and publications on the subject, he attracted the attention of New Zealand’s top CEO’s as well as other professionals in Australia, Asia and the US.

“How people function in their career and professional lives carries over into their personal lives and it is silly to think that it wouldn’t. What was curious to me was just how much of it was causing serious issues and problems in their health, relationships, money and so many other areas. This is especially true for many people who were extremely successful financially and respected in their work. I was equally fascinated with those who didn’t seem to suffer at all – those who were living satisfying lives while enjoying their work life – so I studied it and it turns out not to be that complicated a problem to solve.”

Drew explains, “People I studied who live satisfying lives and do so over a long period of time do not try to create or cause their satisfaction through some pseudo-psychological or high-concept magical thinking, but rather do so objectively through their own transactional competence. They come from all walks of life, have many different beliefs, and work in varied professions including physicians, engineers, PhD’s, C level management, artists and more. They are satisfied in the real world and are not trying to fake it ’till they make it.” They have plenty of time for their families, they make and save money, take care of their health, and they actually enjoy their working lives. These people don’t waste their time looking for some quick-fix remedy, magic incantation or secret to success. These people simply know how the game of transacting works in the real world and they play it very well. That is what I discovered and way too much credit is given to our attitudes and mental gaming.”

Drew goes on to assert that the days of looking in the mirror and trying to psych ourselves out or trying to manipulate our ‘attitudes to reach new altitudes’ has run its course.

“People who want to satisfy their career, work and money aims must get real and the real world is a marketplace that functions on transactions. So – if you know what a transaction really is and how they really work – you can apply it. If you don’t you’re not even in the game.”

Drew’s commitment and passion for helping NZ business professionals and especially fellow Kiwi Ex-pats succeed is in line with Kea’s commitment to helping the success of their network of business professionals around the world. Kiwi business professionals succeeding abroad Drew states “raises the overall global profile of New Zealand.”If you want to know more about Influence Ecology or connect with Drew for a chat go to and click on “Learn More”.