Jonty Kelt speaks at Kea Inspire 2017

World Class New Zealander Jonty Kelt has crafted an international tech career and shares his vast experience at Kea Inspire 2017. 

Farm boy to global technological leader

Jonty is currently the Executive of Palantir Technologies. Palantir is a private American software and services company, specializing in data analysis. Palantir builds software that augments human intelligence to solve problems faced by governments, national defense forces, law enforcement, commercial and philanthropic organizations. Examples include: cyber security, battlefield intelligence, disease response, white-collar crime, pharma R&D, inventory optimization, human trafficking and humanitarian disasters.

Jonty is one of a handful of New Zealanders over-representing in the US tech sector.  New Zealand-born executives are in leadership positions at Google, Facebook, and among leading mobile and app companies.

After studying at Philosophy, Finance and Marketing at Otago University, Jonty started his career in ‘95 at Macquarie Bank, working in investment management and since then he has worked in the technology and media industries in London, Shanghai and New York City. 

jonty kelt

Fingers in a lot of pies

In London in '99, Jonty co-founded Europe's first internet affiliate marketing platform.  

In Shanghai in the early ‘00s, Jonty co-founded the Chinese division of a UK-based sports and entertainment business.

In London in '04, Jonty started the European division of Performics, a US digital advertising technology business which was acquired by DoubleClick for $65m where he worked for 5 years through its acquisition by Google for $3.2b.

Since '09 in New York City, he has worked as CEO of two venture-backed enterprise technology companies.  He now works for Silicon Valley based big data analytics company Palantir Technologies (founded by Peter Thiel). 

Since 2008 Jonty has invested in 20 early stage technology companies out of his seed fund, Fantail Ventures.