Dr Privahini Bradoo speaks at Kea Inspire 2017

World Class New Zealander Dr Privahini Bradoo shares how as an entrepreneurial she has successfully combined her love for science and business at Kea Inspire 2017.

Priv is the CEO and co-founder of BlueOak, a KPCB-funded green mining startup aimed at recovering high value metals from electronic wastes sustainably and economically. BlueOak successfully raised over $40M towards building their e-scrap refinery in Arkansasand winning the Harvard Alumni New Venture of 2011 Award. Through her career Priv has been committed to helping combat climate change and move towards a cleantech based economy. Prior to BlueOak, Priv led the commercialisation of clean technology startups including LanzaTech and Microvi and worked with the Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant. 


Bridging the worlds of business and science

Priv has been a faculty advisor on clean technologies at Singularity University (co-founded by Google and NASA), an institution focused on positively impacting a billion people over the next ten years.

Priv embodies a diversity of cultures: she was born in India, spent her early childhood in Oman, and is a passionate New Zealander.

While studying for her PhD at The University of Auckland, Priv discovered a gene involved in neural regeneration. She also helped found Spark and Chiasma, two initiatives promoting entrepreneurship in NZ. In the ten years since its inception, Spark has helped create over 70 new Kiwi startups, and is spearheading a knowledge-based economy in NZ. Priv went on to do an MBA at Harvard Business School as a Fulbright Scholar.

Priv’s accomplishments and ingenuity in business leadership have been widely recognised in NZ and internationally. She has received the distinction of being named as one of the “30 Under 30 Top New Zealand Entrepreneurs”, and “one of the ten future leaders of New Zealand”. Priv was a speaker at the 2010 TEDx Auckland conference, was named in 2011 by Unlimited Management Magazine as one of New Zealand’s “top ten business influencers” and was named by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2012.