Kea Connect: Interview with Frances Valintine

Frances Valintine, founder of The Mind Lab and innovative global Kiwi, shares key insights on the importance of staying connected and how Kea Connect helps her make her global connections.

Frances discusses how the connections back to New Zealand were incredibly important to her whilst she was living overseas because of her commitment to New Zealand and the want for her children to grow up and prosper here. She believes that the one tie between all Kiwis is how proud they are to be connected to New Zealand.

Highlights of being a member of Kea to Frances include:

  • Continuing to grow her network globally
  • Having contacts to reach out to in almost every city in the world
  • Being able to meet these people back in New Zealand who have that worldly perspective 

Frances also discusses the challenges New Zealand is facing, particularly around talent, and the strengths that New Zealanders should embrace to bring the country forward into the future.