Kea Connect: Interview with Dr Kerry Spackman

Dr Kerry Spackman, founder and director of Goldmine Project and a World Class New Zealander, shares how Kea Connect helps Kiwis make global connections.

Kerry is an accomplished author with no.1 bestselling books, The Winner's Bible & The Ant and The Ferrari.

He is the founder & director of the NZ Government’s GoldMine Project, developing ‘secret squirrel’ electronics and mathematical analysis for Olympic Medallists. For this Kerry was the winner of the NEEDA Award for most significant Electronic Export from NZ. 

Kerry also has a Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience – Psychophysics and the winner of Senior Prize Applied Mathematics. 

Kerry has also worked with 4 Formula One Teams over 7 years training F-1 drivers, developing simulators, aerodynamic modelling, simulation and mathematical optimisation.