Kea and Google connect Kiwis offshore

kea google imageFollowing events at Google headquarters across key Asia-Pacific markets, Kea is rolling out its ‘Inspire’ event series across the globe. Alongside the event series, the Kea App and the World Class New Zealand connection service have created a highly engaged global network of New Zealanders who want to help Kiwi businesses succeed internationally.

The exclusive Inspire events held in Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore featured insights from Google’s APAC director of Enterprise Richard Suhr as well as expat success stories Jonny Hendricksen, Matthew Tukaki and Roger Sharp – all of whom championed the power of connections and encouraged expats to utilise Kea in order to succeed.

Kea’s Global Communications Director Sam Mickell says the Inspire series is part of Kea’s long term strategy to accelerate more meaningful connections among New Zealand’s influential diaspora.

“Our members have asked for greater opportunities to strengthen their networks abroad and develop closer ties to New Zealand’s business sector. Bringing a top range of speakers into these regions of economic potential for New Zealand creates brilliant opportunities for our members to create the strategic networks they need to succeed in the global economy,” Mickell says.

“Inspire is one way we leverage these powerful networks and bring people together, and at a macro level we are placing far greater focus on making it much easier for people to use Kea. We’ve just launched the Kea app which lets  our network find other members around the globe, as well as relevant Kiwi events and New Zealand owned businesses – and we’re thrilled to have hit 10,000 downloads in the past month.”

This month’s Inspire event takes place in London on Wednesday 17 September, and features the co-founder of Google DeepMind, expat Dr. Shane Legg.

Shane has worked at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, including the areas of machine intelligence, neural networks, artificial evolution, reinforcement learning and the theory of learning in both academic and commercial environments. His brilliance and insight culminated in the co-founding of startup DeepMind in 2011 which was acquired by Google for around £400 million – one of Google’s largest European acquisitions to date. Now Shane and his team are leading the charge in Google’s robotics division.

Kea is also planning a range of events in key regions of North America later this year around the All Blacks game in Chicago.

Watch videos from Inspire Tokyo and Inspire Sydney below.