Guest Blog: The Icehouse wants to help SMEs grow

SocialMedia_484x252_MaleAuckland business incubator The Icehouse are in the middle of their WANTED campaign – a search for notorious Kiwi Business owners who will grow New Zealand’s economy.

Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) represent a massive part of the New Zealand economy – 97% of all enterprises, 40% of the economy’s total output on a value-added basis and 31% of all employees. These SMEs are owned and managed by countless of incredible, smart and highly motivated people who are working hard to grow their business and, as a result, lift the economic performance of our country’s economy. Yet, despite the talent and motivation present in our SMEs, we need to do much better as a country.

It’s estimated that New Zealand needs 3,000 new Businesses of International Quality (BIQs) by 2020 to make it back into the top half of the OECD. A BIQ is a one which experiences international growth or defends their local patch against global competitors.

However, knowing the facts and actually getting there are two very different things. A first step towards that is raising awareness for the importance of professional development and outside advice amongst business owners.

At The Icehouse we’re all about working with Kiwi business owners to help them realise the full potential of their businesses – be it international growth or being the best they can be domestically. We are committed to being instrumental in the creation of 1,000 new BIQs and 25,000 new jobs in New Zealand by 2020.

We have a great track-record of working with business owners and giving them access to the expertise, networks and funding they need to take their business to the next level. Since 2001 we have worked with over 5,000 ambitious owner-managers. And 76% of the SMEs we’ve worked with have achieved business growth as a result.

However, to achieve our 2020 goals we need to raise awareness for the work we do to enable us to work with even more business owners across New Zealand.

But we’re not going to achieve this alone.  Therefore, we’ve launched the Wanted – Notorious Kiwi Business Owners campaign to get the attention of business owners in New Zealand. We’re asking everyone to help us find ambitious business owners that are ready for growth so we can help them realise the potential in their business through our events, workshops and programmes. And to sweeten the deal we’re offering three reward packages of $2,000 worth of business growth support.

So what are we looking for?  Kiwi business owners who:

  • See greater potential and opportunity for their business;
  • Work long hours and need a better work-life balance;
  • Need more tools and skills to take the business to the next level; and
  • Work in the business instead of working on the business.

If any of these characteristics fit you, or someone you know, then we want you to go to