Guest Blog: Hilary Timmins launches Dream Catchers

dream-catchers-2Dream Catchers is an inspiring and aspirational broadcast and online series celebrating New Zealand’s global winners.

I have been living in London for the last three years and prior to that spent a year commuting backwards and forwards from New Zealand between the two bases. During this time I have been staggered at the number of New Zealanders doing incredible things on the other side of the world.

Historically New Zealanders at home and abroad have helped change the world and the way we view it; Sir Earnest Rutherford, Sir Charles Upham, Sir Edmund Hillary and Kate Sheppard to name a few but what about our contemporary success stories?

It’s a Kiwi who owns some of the most iconic buildings in London; a Kiwi designing clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge; a Kiwi is chef in one of the best restaurants in London, we have entertainers receiving accolades and awards; we have media moguls, we have Department Heads and professors at Oxford; entrepreneurs and business heads of some of the largest and most important entities in the UK.

New Zealanders currently head up some of the largest business and commerce corporations in the world, we are leading the way in sciences, digital and IT and creating international impact in culture and the arts, teaching and scholarships, innovation and the environment.

Dream Catchers is a series that celebrates these remarkable Kiwis fulfilling their dreams, starting with those based in the UK then into Europe, the Americas, Asia and our own Pacific. Entertaining and educational, the series will demonstrate the national pride and goodwill these individuals create and the reciprocal benefits to New Zealand and their adopted countries. Dream Catchers and the legacy of these amazing Kiwis will become a major source of information and inspiration to all New Zealanders.

We have an extraordinary number of high achievers living here who deserve to be celebrated.

None of these subjects are just doing their jobs – they are excelling at them. I want to highlight their journey, what motivated them, what made them different, and the value of their continuing connection to New Zealand. How does a country with such a relatively small population produce so many world stars? What is the link?

Dream Catchers is a series that makes us proud to be New Zealanders.

We should be tall poppies.