Guest Blog: Can you imagine New Zealand without Kiwi?

Play video jpgOn October 1, Kiwis for kiwi launched its annual fundraising campaign, Save Kiwi Month 2014. The campaign aims to raise $100,000 which is enough to save 1,000 kiwi from pests and predators for an entire year.

This year, Kiwis for kiwi is looking at the plight of kiwi through the eyes of children, the generation who could grow up to see the last kiwi disappear from New Zealand. The results are a wake-up call to all New Zealanders – wherever you are in the world – to make a donation to fund the ongoing efforts to protect our national bird and to ensure our kids don’t grow up without kiwi.


Without help, 95% of Kiwi die in the wild

It is a sad fact that in unprotected areas, 95% of kiwi chicks, die before breeding age (about three years of age). Many are killed by predators like stoats or dogs, so with trapping and education, these deaths are preventable. Approximately 70,000 kiwi remain in New Zealand, and we are losing around 2% of them every year. That means on average 27 are dying each week.

Our efforts in the field are proving successful. In areas where kiwi are protected and predators are controlled by dedicated kiwi volunteers and community groups, kiwi are thriving. The survival rate is lived from a mere 5% to over 50% – more than enough for the population to flourish. On the Coromandel, for example, the population is doubling every decade in predator-controlled areas.

More than 80 community and iwi-led groups across New Zealand are working hard to protect kiwi. Thousands of traps are checked each month over more than 140,000 of kiwi habitat. There is an army of people on the ground, ready and willing to do the work, but they need support.

With your donation, we can reverse the declining kiwi population. Every $100 raised will save a kiwi by providing predator control for an entire year.

We need your help to save our national icon. Please don’t let our kids grow up without kiwi.

Save a kiwi today. Donate at



Kiwis for kiwi is the official trading name of independent charity organisation The Kiwi Trust, which aims to protect, conserve and support the kiwi and their habitat.

With the support of long-time sponsor BNZ and in partnership with the Department of Conservation, their ultimate goal is to reverse the decline of kiwi by 2018 and see an increase in kiwi population in the future.

Kiwis for kiwi funds on-the-ground initiatives led by community groups, including predator control in kiwi habitats, BNZ Operation Nest Egg, and education and advocacy programmes. They have distributed more than $7 million and have been instrumental in the growth and development of the national Kiwi Recovery Programme.