GDPR and Privacy update from Kea

On Friday 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect across Europe.

As Kea New Zealand is a Global Network with members registered around the world, we are taking action across the entire network to ensure that our processes, policies, terms and conditions are GDPR compliant.

At Kea New Zealand we have always taken the protection of personal data and data breach risks seriously and have policies and processes in place to ensure its safety and good use. The good news is that New Zealand's Data Protection Law also ensures that we are in good shape and this law is acknowledged as being adequate by the regulatory authorities in Europe.

GDPR is designed to keep personal data safe and to improve rights for the individual on how their data is obtained, processed, and managed. It also ensures full transparency and accountability for processing activities of personal data, especially for residents of the E.U.

We have been working with Consultancy and Legal Teams in Europe to ensure that we are compliant from New Zealand and have been ensuring that our suppliers and partners are also adhering to the requirements of GDPR.

Many inboxes have been filled with opt-in emails of late. The lawful basis for processing personal data of Kea New Zealand’s members is Legitimate Interests. We will be sending communications enabling you to update your details or opt-out should this be preferred.

This has been selected because:
a) Kea uses people’s data in the way that they may reasonably expect;
b) Processing of the data has a minimal impact on an individual’s privacy;
c) There is a compelling justification for the processing, linked to the purpose of the organisation.

With the selection of Legitimate Interests, Kea acknowledges its duty to ensure that the personal data of its members is protected against unauthorised disclosure, and breaches of integrity or availability.

In the coming weeks we will be;
• Communicating our revised Terms & Conditions
• Communicating our revised Privacy Policy
• Communicating new Policies as seen as required to be compliant with GDPR
• Amending our Kea New Zealand Profile Management process to ensure you have full transparency over the use and storage of data
• Amending our Kea New Zealand Profile Management process to ensure we comply with data subject rights

Should you have any queries related to this message please email our team at