Foreign Students talk about Education in New Zealand

edunzEducation New Zealand has launched ‘A new adventure every day’, a new campaign which follows five average foreign students in a series of videos that showcase what New Zealand education, life and culture is like to someone from another country.

Going to classes, studying, hanging out with friends, working, shopping and keeping fit are common experiences – shared through videos that are being published around the world.

“These students are so passionate about their lives in New Zealand,” says Hannah Lee-Darboe, new Acting Marketing and Channels General Manager, who has joined ENZ on secondment from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise until June 2015.

“Who better to share the New Zealand study experience, than our current students showing what life is like in New Zealand.”

“We’ve been busting myths and providing more info about life in New Zealand targeted at students who are pretty certain they’ll study abroad but are still deciding where,” says Hannah.

While the videos provide a slice of student life that could be anywhere in the country, the stars themselves come from Onslow College in Wellington (Yang Xiao from China), Youbee Design School in Christchurch (Anaiss Ramirez from Chile) and Canterbury, Auckland and Waikato universities (featuring Hannah Vu from Viet Nam, Alicia Jauhari from Indonesia and Lucas Castro Oliveira from Brazil).

“Hokey pokey icecream and our beautiful environment came up a lot,’ says Hannah. “Along with the education and lifestyle experiences we know makes New Zealand special: the good friends that are made, the ability to work while studying, their relationships with their teachers – and of course the wealth of lifestyle options on your doorstep after class.”

Watch the videos from the ‘A new adventure every day’ campaign below.