Find international talent with Kea

If you’re looking to hire or want to grow your career opportunities, find what you need through Kea and New Zealand’s Borderless Nation.

Kea Jobs is a free and easy way to list employment opportunities in all countries to Kiwis everywhere. Kea’s research has shown the majority of our expats are highly skilled, and Kiwis love working with other Kiwis. We want to make sure you’re using this community of over 500,000 to find like-minded people and help New Zealand become the most connected nation in the world.

Use Kea Jobs to find:

  • A Market Manager in North America
  • The next CEO of your internationally focussed NZ-based business
  • An Office administrator in Venezuela
  • Volunteers for a Kiwi BBQ in London
  • A Bi-lingual accountant in France
  • A Shanghai-based, NZ-educated Chinese person to handle your Chinese social media strategy

Kea Jobs is also a great way to connect with returned expats, internationally-minded people living in New Zealand, and those considering a move back home. With over 50% of expats actively considering coming home, expats have told us they’re always looking for employers who value international experience.

Head to now to tell Kea's 500,000+ community about your employment opportunities and find the best Kiwi talent our Borderless Nation has to offer.