Farewell from Kea UK and Europe Regional Director Bridgid Hawley

3129b9bAfter two and a half years as Kea’s Regional Director in London, Bridgid Hawley is leaving Kea at the end of the year and moving on to a role with The Future Customer, a London-based company co-founded by World Class New Zealander, Grant Harrison.

Bridgid has thoroughly enjoyed working with the New Zealand diaspora across the UK and Europe, helping to shape Kea’s direction and growth, and it is with great pride that Bridgid leaves having seen Kea’s global online community reach 500,000.

She feels honoured to have had the privilege of meeting and engaging with a huge range of talented and inspiring New Zealanders over the last two years, to have worked closely with the NZ Inc family, to have had the support of Sir Stephen Tindall, Phil Veal, and all the Kea team, and to have had the opportunity to run various events in London involving the All Blacks, the NHS, Facebook, Virgin Group, the BBC, Air New Zealand, Google DeepMind, Cambridge University, RBS, Aviva, and many others.

Bridgid will remain in London for the foreseeable future and will maintain close links with the Kea and NZ Inc networks. She is grateful for all the support, friendship, and connections made over the last two years and is excited to see the continued success of New Zealand’s global network.

Kea is committed to maintaining its presence and valuable connections in the United Kingdom and across Europe. With a thriving community of expats, World Class New Zealanders, and friends of New Zealand scattered across the region, Kea is eager to hear from those who may be interested in representing the organisation in the United Kingdom. If you have any suggestions on someone who is well connected and has experience in being an ambassador for NZ Inc in the region, please email applications@keanewzealand.com.