New Zealand’s Borderless Nation makes its voice heard

The findings from Kea’s Every Kiwi Counts 2015 survey have now been released and tell the stories of our borderless nation, providing an international perspective on New Zealand’s future.

The survey, conducted in partnership with Colmar Brunton, was completed by over 16,000 expats, ‘repats’ (returned expats) and ‘Friends of New Zealand’. This is the first time the latter two groups have been included in an Every Kiwi Counts survey, and is the largest number of respondents Colmar Brunton has seen in any survey.

Every Kiwi Counts 2015 shows that while NZ expats continue to command big dollars overseas and the demographics of our diaspora are changing, the desire to connect with home is stronger than ever.

In the latest findings, respondents indicated a better perception of New Zealand compared to 2013, along with a higher level of confidence that NZ will make significant economic progress over the next ten years.

New Zealand is seen as clean, green, having equal opportunities for men and women to succeed in business, more culturally tolerant than other countries, and a safe place to raise a family. Over 60 per cent of respondents say they believe New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to live in, and over half of respondents are actively looking or thinking about looking for jobs in New Zealand.

living in NZ

While the survey showed respondents still estimate their earning power would be less were they living in New Zealand, expats maintain their financial interests in New Zealand through property investments, shares and other financial investments. Other investment insights show 52 per cent of respondents are currently considering purchasing property in New Zealand, up from 40 per cent in 2013, and a further 15 per cent already own residential property here.

One of the biggest contributions expats make is in promoting brand New Zealand. A staggering 99 per cent are actively promoting New Zealand to friends and colleagues as a destination to visit, live, work or study in.

From a business perspective, New Zealand products and employees are highly valued around the world and Kiwis seen as being easy to do business with. NZ exporters have a fantastic opportunity to leverage this positive sentiment and target the premium, higher-margin segment of the market.

The findings from the Every Kiwi Counts 2015 survey can be explored here.

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