Education New Zealand launch Weibo and WeChat platforms

WeiboEducation New Zealand’s (ENZ) Weibo and WeChat platform was officially launched on August 1st.  The platforms are designed to enhance the awareness and understanding of New Zealand education among Chinese students and the general public and promote further co-operation between education institutes in both countries.

Themed on “New Experience, New Idea, New Adventures”, ENZ’s official WeChat and Weibo platform encourages new perspectives in understanding the world and new adventures in learning.

Both platforms will set up several columns to offer information on education news and policies and showcase New Zealand’s diversified education system, its wide selection of high quality education institutions as well as its enticing environment and culture.

It will also soon launch a campaign themed on “New Zealand & Me” to share the experiences of Chinese students studying and living in New Zealand.

New Zealand and China has a time-honored relationship on economic, cultural and education cooperation since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations.

New Zealand Education is famous for its innovative spirit and its advocacy of both practical and academic achievements.  Tertiary education for example, New Zealand is home to many world-renowned education institutes with competitive courses in various fields, including viniculture, animation, art design etc.

New Zealand also puts great emphasis on overseas student supporting services, operating a Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Alexandra Grace, Education Counsellor of the New Zealand Embassy Beijing said, “Chinese students and parents’ interest in New Zealand education has continued to grow in recent years, as more Chinese students choose to study in New Zealand. New Zealand has increased efforts to create improved education environment for international students, such as simplifying visa application, and issuing laws and regulations that urge schools to provide comprehensive care and attentive guidance in well-rounded learning and living for international students.

“Through the New Zealand’s official Weibo and WeChat, we hope to engage more stakeholders in China about New Zealand’s quality education, encourage exchanges and interactions, promote and enhance cooperation in early, secondary, higher education, and vocational education between the two countries.”