Dream Catchers Series

DREAM CATCHERS,  an inspirational series on New Zealanders achieving remarkable things around the world is now in preproduction for the first series and will be filming in and around London this Spring/ Summer.


Dream Catchers will bring our global stories home through a ten episode broadcast series and most importantly through Network for Learning, it will become a career motivational resource available free of charge to every educator and school student in New Zealand. With further funding the series will also be available internationally online to share with the rest of the world.

New Zealand is a small, relatively young nation with an impressive, resourceful and tenacious group of individuals who are making an impact on the world and the way the world regards us. This series will celebrate those at the top of their chosen industries across all medians from business leaders and entrepreneurs, arts and culture, design and fashion, entertainment, media and technology, academia, sport and food.

The production team would like to thank Kea and all our partners for helping make this dream of celebrating New Zealand's success stories a reality. We would also like to thank all those who have invested in the project, in particular founding investors Kent Gardner and Paul Gough for their unwavering commitment and mentoring.

We're proud to be able to share a preview of DREAM CATCHERS with the Kea network and their friends and family at the link below. We want everyone back home and around the globe to know about these amazing Kiwis taking a little piece of New Zealand to the rest of the world and living their dreams.

For more information, visit their website: http://www.dreamcatchers.kiwi/