Could you be a speaker for upcoming NZ Tech events?

We’re looking for New Zealand’s best global digital talent

With New Zealand’s business growth rapidly focussing on technology and scaling our innovative products, we’re excited to partner with Techweek’18 to bring NZ companies global insights on how to take on the world.

In May 2018 there will be events held around the country, and we’re looking for keynote speakers for some of these events.

There are a range of topics including food/agritech, entertainment/creative, SaaS, Health, Advanced materials and Clean Tech.

We’re looking for internationally experienced speakers in these and other exponential industries to share their expertise and stories with NZ audiences.

Why Techweek?

  • New Zealand innovators are purpose-driven and focused on finding solutions to challenges faced locally and globally.
  • We have a legacy of global technology and innovation success that’s forged a path for the next generation of innovators.
  • Our culture of innovation and ingenious ecosystem is deeply connected across sectors and cities.
  • New Zealand’s remote location has, by necessity, created a culture of creative thinking that rewards truly unique solutions.
  • Our country is small, progressive and stable, making it the ideal testing ground for ideas with impact.

There will be conversations around companies applying Blockchain, AR/VR, big data, AI, IoT drones and other technologies. 

If you’re a true tech leader who has international speaking experience, let us know

Drop us a line at, along with your (1) full name, (2) email and (3) LinkedIn profile.