Coming Home to a Job with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Workhere New Zealand caught up with Matt Stephenson, Product Development Engineer at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare , who was living and working across the UK and Europe before he decided to make the move back to New Zealand and take on a role at the innovative Kiwi company.

With an aim of doubling the size of their business every five years, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare are hosting a careers event in London. By showcasing what the company has to offer, as well as the unique benefits of the Kiwi lifestyle, they hope to attract highly skilled expats and migrants to join their team back in Auckland.

unnamedA strong advocate for the company and making the move back to New Zealand is Matt Stephenson, a Kiwi who was living and working across the UK and Europe for two years before making the move back to New Zealand.

“Working at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and living in New Zealand offers the perfect work/life balance. You can feel genuinely excited about your work as part of a successful world-leading company, whilst also enjoying a great lifestyle,” says Matt, now a Product Development Engineer at the innovative Kiwi company. “The people here are great – they’re passionate and helpful, and the sense of being part of a true team makes work fun and the shared success all the more enjoyable.”

Matt obviously feels very confident that he made the right decision in returning home to a job at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. In fact, he already had previous experience there as a fresh graduate.

“Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s success and commitment to innovation were what attracted me most,” Matt recalls of his first visit to the company after graduating. “I was fortunate to visit many of New Zealand’s leading technology companies, and it was immediately clear when visiting Fisher & Paykel Healthcare just how successful the company had been and the huge potential that lay ahead.”

After five years at the company, Matt had moved overseas and was designing and developing medical devices when he began to feel that maybe it was time to head home.

“New Zealand offers a great lifestyle and sense of freedom that isn’t available in Europe. You miss the open spaces, fresh air, beautiful countryside and beaches. Europe and particularly London feels overcrowded and claustrophobic in comparison,” he says of his reasons to return. “It’s also a great country for children and families, and that’s something that is becoming more important to me at this stage of my life.”

Now that he’s back in New Zealand with a promising career ahead of him, Matt is putting his overseas experience to use and is enjoying being back home.

“Living and working in Europe means being a long way from those who matter most. It’s great to be back in the Kiwi lifestyle, which offers a unique freedom and the ability to spend so much time enjoying your friends and family.”

If you live in the United Kingdom and want to hear more about the career opportunities available at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, you can attend their careers event in London on November 19th, from 6-9pm. Spaces are limited so register to reserve your spot.

Learn more about the London Careers Event and register here.

You can also see their current job opportunities available at Workhere New Zealand.