Christchurch Rebuild provides opportunity for Eden in New Zealand

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The Water for Life Trust is seeking the input of global Kiwis to create a Christchurch water attraction based on the UK Eden Project, in Cornwall.  The Eden Project’s vision is ‘to take the most derelict and sterile place we could find and transform it into life’.

The Water for Life Trust (the entity behind creating Eden NZ) is planning to use 38 hectares of land in Christchurch’s Avonside Loop to create an attraction which is based on and linked to the UK’s Eden Project, in Cornwall. The trust is seeking Kiwis’ stories about water and ideas regarding how to make the project not only a place for locals, but also an attraction for new domestic and international visitors to the city.

Christchurch’s Eden NZ is a response to the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes which devastated parts of the city.  The area of the city now termed the ‘Residential Red Zone’ incorporates a large area of land that follows the Avon River to the sea and is the preferred location for the project.

UK Kea members might be familiar with the iconic domes of The Eden Project in Cornwall and its focus on the story of plants. The NZ project is based on the similar theme of water – a human right and a global concern.  Its  inspiration for the project is the success of the UK Eden Project over a thirteen year period which has created more than $1.5 billion in economic benefit for Cornwall and has put the county on the map.

The Water for Life Trust’s goal is to create an attraction for Christchurch that will gain iconic status through its architecture, in the same way that the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower and many others have, while providing experiences that will challenge and enrich people in their relationship with water.

It will achieve this by:

  • Providing the community with a place that will respect the memories that are associated with those who lived in the area.
  • Providing new opportunities for people and organisations through a strong social enterprise focus.
  • Understanding the role of water in peoples’ lives and the necessity to manage these resources wisely.
  • Providing a showcase for the best of New Zealand, particularly with regard to our expertise in the primary industries.
  • Providing a visitor attraction that will put Christchurch and New Zealand on the map and celebrate what is unique about New Zealand.

How can you assist in this project?

Send your ideas to on how the water theme should be included in the Eden NZ Project.  The trust is keen to understand what would attract you to visit the Eden Project and recommend it to others.  Additionally, as a registered charity, it is looking to develop meaningful partnerships.

If the Eden Project in New Zealand is something that you can assist either personally or through introductions, get in touch.  Visit and ‘like’ the Water for Life Trust on Facebook to get updates about this journey.


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