Can you help Kiwi companies go global?

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Kea Connect helps Kiwi companies go global by connecting them to industry experts around the world. Here’s just a few examples of the companies that we are currently assisting. If you or someone you know can help these companies, please contact and we will connect you with the right person.

Pork-free Salami company seeking distribution partners in Australia

LASCo Salami is looking for distributors and/or opportunities to get our Salami onto the world platform, ideally beginning with Australia. Through many years of trial, error and determination produced a beautiful, lean, gluten free, pork free, soy free, dairy free, sulphite free, smooth and delicious range of Pure Beef and Pure Venison salami. Currently available in many New Zealand supermarket, LASCo believes people from other countries would enjoy their salami and the health benefits it offers them. LASCo hasn't sacrificed great taste, but find themselves incomparable to other salamis in the marketplace today.

Seeking financial experts in Japan

Tenzing works with exceptional New Zealanders around the world helping them live significant lives. We are seeking connections that can help our New Zealand based financial management team who’re working with Kiwi rugby players and professional race car drivers based in Japan. Areas of knowledge would include tax structures, money transfers etc. Ideally Japanese speaking with a good understanding of Japanese culture.

Manuka-infused skincare products seeking distributors in Europe and Australia

Manuka Lane is looking for distributors is Australia and Europe, ideally with existing relationships with retailers and etailers.. They have a range of New Zealand-manufactured skin care products that utilise natural New Zealand ingredients, such as Manuka honey, together with other proven, effective skin care products. They currently have 5 products with plans for at least three more in the next three months.

Wiapara winemaker looking to grow in Chinese market

Greystone is looking to grow in export markets around the world, with China being of particular interest as they don't have a great understanding of this market. Founded in Waipara in 2004 with a specific aim to make great wine Greystone has now won Air New Zealand trophies in consecutive years for its wines, while also making a number of other wines for local wineries. This success has helped lead national and international recognition for Waipara as a great wine growing region.

Construction company seeking contacts and distributors in US

Progressive Equipment would like to meet with people who can assist with getting the SharpGrade Leveller into the civil construction industry in the US. Based in Hamilton, they have developed a range of unique products for the construction and civil industry, and operate a Zero waste engineering shop with sustainability as one of our core values. One such product is the SharpGrade leveller, a laser controller leveller that fits on the front of a skid steer loader, used to cut, trim and shape foundation pads for houses, industrial buildings, car parks and drive ways.  Their patented Quadrod linkage geometry is the most rugged and rigid in the industry, which allows the SharpGrade to operate faster and more accurately than anything currently on the market. They have 90% of the NZ market and have begun exporting to the Australian market, where they have been very well received.

Innovative lighting company seeking distribution and licensing partners in North America and Europe

Plato Lighting is seeking connections in North American and European home decor, architecture, education supplies, toy, craft and/or fashion accessory sectors. They are looking to enter into a joint venture or licensing arrangement with companies that have sales and distribution capabilities across these sectors. Plato offers considerable design flexibility and possibilities due to the variety of base shapes and sizes, tab shapes, materials and interlocking methods available. Base shapes can be used to create a wide range of complementary creative possibilities: lampshades, home decor, acoustic wall and ceiling panels, artistic installations, felt floor rugs - you are only limited by your imagination. A WPTC provisional patent and numerous design registrations are held.

100% natural toothpaste seeking distributors globally

Grin Natural wants to connect with possible distribution partners for their 100% natural toothpaste. Their active ingredients includes Manuka oil, propolis, organic sea salt, organic calendula extracts and organic aloe leaf extract offer natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to keep bacteria in check, while natural spearmint, peppermint and fennel extracts leave your mouth with the minty freshness you expect after a good brush. Grin Toothpaste contains NO sodium lauryl sulfate, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO fragrance and NO harsh abrasives.

Innovative drone company seeking investment for further growth and development

Aeronavics is raising capital for further application development for agriculture, surveying, media, security, and asset management and the build out of targeted global distribution in selected industrial and commercial markets. Based in Raglan, they are an established global leader in the professional Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems market. They are seeking introductions to eligible investors who are seeking:

  • Access to a globally disruptive technology 
  • An exciting New Zealand private business with a clear growth strategy
  • A highly skilled and aligned team with strong market connection

An investment with high potential for PE level returns

Fishing-centric software company seeking introductions to regional or central government agencies in the USA, Europe, South America, Canada, and Asia

FINNZ is seeking introductions to Fisheries Managers from regional or central government agencies in order to share their licensing, catch data, catch share allocations and trading experience and demonstrate the technology platforms FINNZ has developed.  They are interested in growing their knowledge of fisheries management regimes in South America, the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, with a view to promoting ‘FINNZ Elements’ their fisheries management system.  This software is a modular platform designed to cater for fundamental fisheries management needs – identifying the participants in a fishery, their attributes, rights and activities.

Utility services company seeking to connect with local governments and agencies to identify development solution

Flow Systems want to help rapidly growing areas of New Zealand identify alternative servicing solutions for residential development, and would like to engage with local government, developers and state government agencies who are serious about the need for change. Flow Systems is a privately owned multi utility services company based out of Sydney. They provide local off-grid energy, water and telecommunication services to new residential and commercial developments greater than 2,000 dwellings or a combined commercial/ residential footprint of 200,000m2 or more.

Seeking US distributors for eco friendly, highly efficient composting bin

Low Impact is looking for distribution contacts in the home improvement industry for their highly efficient worm farm composting system Hungry Bin. It is designed to reduce Landfill waste by up to 50% and reduce carbon emissions. The scaling of Hungry Bin allows it to be used commercially and domestically on-site, and is a clean, simple and easy way to deal with food waste and at the same time it produces highly nutritional natural liquid and solid fertilizer as a by-product. Hungry Bin Is Patented in the USA.

Food disposables company seeking connection in US food industry with a view to setting up supply arrangements.

Eagle Protect is seeking introductions to food industry contacts in the US with a view to setting up supply arrangements. Eagle Protect is setting up a branch of it's very successful New Zealand business in the United States, supplying food processors and handlers with their disposable consumables needs, such as disposable gloves and protective (disposable) clothing. They are NZ's first certified BCorp, and are focused on ways of lessening the impact of business in terms of waste and the environment.

Kiwi electrical company seeking distribution partners globally for electrical products

Encorp Ltd is seeking electrical industry partners globally who recognize the significant and growing commercial opportunities associated with improving electrical efficiency. They are a New Zealand company that designs and internationally manufactures a broad product range of unique load and supply matching technology to optimize the efficiency of commercial electrical supply. Their proven solutions provide significant energy savings, greater efficiency and increased capacity by as much as 30%. All their products are supported by Cloud-based monitoring that provides visible proof of the savings and benefits. Encorp has installed solutions operating in North America, the South Pacific and Europe, and comply with all international electrical safety standards and offer CSA and CE certification

Logistics software looking to connect with key oil and gas contacts globally

Trackit is looking for introductions to key operational, aviation or drilling managers in oil & gas companies globally that typically transport staff and cargo via air or vessels. Trackit Energy is a Software-as-a-Service (cloud based) platform designed and developed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry. Whether you need one instance or many for your local or global organisation, Trackit Energy can be scaled rapidly. The system is fully supported and requires no infrastructure investment or maintenance. Alternatively, if you are an agent or supplier and would like to explore the opportunity to become an agent of ours, then they are happy to discuss this.

Unique Kiwi travel case seeking contacts and distributors in Singapore and wider Asia

Youmans is looking to engage with distributors or sales agents in Singapore and the wider Asian region for their line of beautifully designed and handcrafted anodized aluminium business Capsules. Their products are designed and built in New Zealand by master craftsmen to deliver the ultimate space Capsule, to protect, carry and present your work. The original Capsules come in A4, A3 and A2 sizes in stunning Champagne, Silver and Black, and are perfect as carry-on luggage.