Calling NZ's Alumni

????????????????Kea is looking for 10,000 foreign students to become ambassadors for Aotearoa as part of a campaign to bring New Zealand’s alumni into the half-a-million strong Kea community.

Kea’s research has shown foreign students and ‘friends of New Zealand’ to be some of the country’s biggest advocates, holding a strong connection to New Zealand and representatives of what Aotearoa has to offer the world.

By partnering with Education New Zealand, NZ Story and other NZ Inc organisations, Kea hopes to encourage those non-New Zealand residents who were educated in New Zealand to advocate for New Zealand education, investment and as a place to do business.

In November Kea will be attending several events across China asking NZ’s alumni to officially become part of New Zealand’s global community, and have teamed with BeSpoke New Zealand and Air New Zealand to offer a four day New Zealand retreat valued at $35,000 featuring flights to NZ, luxury accommodation, a private chef, a private concierge, and experiences which exemplify what it means to be ‘Kiwi’.

If you were born overseas, studied in New Zealand and now live offshore, sign up to be a part of this 10,000 alumni network and become a recognised ambassador for New Zealand.

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