Call for public submissions from NZ exporters to the UK

Following the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is inviting submissions from NZ businesses that export goods or services to the United Kingdom, and/or that have investments in the United Kingdom.

See the press release from Minister Todd McClay here.

While nothing will change in the short term, the Government is paying close attention to the exit process, to ensure New Zealand’s interests are maintained and advanced.

These submissions will help ensure MFAT has a full picture of the issues that matter to New Zealand companies which trade with, or invest in, the UK. It will inform the Government’s approach to issues that may arise in the course of the UK’s exit, and allow the Government to more effectively work to safeguard New Zealand’s interests as the process unfolds.

At this stage they are NOT seeking submissions from:

•    importers of goods or services from the UK (unless they also export to the UK);
•    exporters who focus solely on trading elsewhere in the EU, but not the UK. 

Oral and written submissions are open until 14 October 2016. All will be treated as commercial in-confidence.

See the MFAT website for further details and information on how to make a submission.

Call for public submissions from NZ exporters to the UK