Beca: Building the future with New Zealand's expats

???????????????????????????????Stuart Tucker, General Manager – Civil Infrastructure, at Beca, spoke to Kea about tapping into New Zealand’s global network to fill key roles with the help of Workhere New Zealand – a new digital recruitment platform for Kiwi expats and migrants.

For my OE I spent a little over two years in the UK working as a contract engineer in Guildford and London. The beauty of working at Beca is that you can work on projects all over the world from your home base, so since I’ve been back in NZ I’ve worked on projects in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, New Caledonia, Thailand, Ireland and Australia.

I believe a big part of what sets Beca apart from other multidisciplinary consultancy firms is our culture. As well as technical excellence, Beca values collaboration, innovation and initiative – and if you are prepared to take opportunities, we can support you to pursue your career aspirations.

At Beca we really value expertise gained internationally for a number of reasons. New Zealand has a relatively small domestic labour market so those skills are not necessarily available locally when we need them.

We work for a wide range of clients, and aim to bring them the best advice possible. Overseas talent brings a different perspective and helps us keep our offering to clients fresh and relevant.

For expats, familiarity with the NZ lifestyle is a bonus – it’s an easier sell to convince Kiwis of the benefits of the NZ lifestyle. Beca’s Business Director for South Island Infrastructure Richard Holyoake will be at New Zealand House in London on July 31st speaking about the range of job opportunities for Civil Engineers in the Christchurch Rebuild project, and will be reaching out to the Kea network to find talent who want to find their future in New Zealand.

Beca started out almost 100 years ago as a New Zealand company. Now, we have a substantial Asia Pacific footprint approaching 3,000 employees in six countries. We have offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. Our strategy has been about diversification – as well as geographic diversity, we also operate in a wide range of sectors and industries and offer a huge spectrum of services.

From our perspective, an international network of Kiwis and friends provides a pool of people who recognise the advantages of combining career and lifestyle. New Zealand is increasingly becoming known on the global stage for innovation and world class thinking. Combine that with the nature and scope of Beca’s business, we are in the position of being able to offer a challenging and rewarding lifestyle.


With engineering skills in high demand but low supply, Beca has joined Workhere to overcome the skill shortage by attracting highly skilled expats and migrants to fill roles in New Zealand. They’re currently recruiting for a wide range of Civil Engineering roles – see the job opportunities here.