New Zealand’s Borderless Nation: A Small Country with a Large Global Impact

2015 has been a year of New Zealand success. Our people create and innovate, punch above their weight internationally in business, sports, science, arts and humanitarian endeavours. Our amazing people allow our small country to have a large impact on the world.

Kea is in the people business. We connect people globally, inspiring New Zealand with Kiwi success stories. Our borderless nation of over 500,000 wants ways to connect with one another and with home, and it’s inspiring to see New Zealanders all over the world continue to do truly amazing things.

I am proud of the Kea team who have connected, inspired and enabled thousands of Kiwis in 2015. They have done so through over 30 top-notch events held in Auckland, Wellington, Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London, with the help of our partners and sponsors. It’s events like these that prove the inspiring things Kiwis can achieve when we work together.

Please enjoy some of our video highlights of inspirational world changing New Zealanders I have had the privilege to meet this year, who are united in their passion and desire to help New Zealand. These are the kinds of people you can connect with through the Kea’s Connection Service. Below you’ll see a few examples of how Kea’s Connection Service has helped introduce NZ businesses to members of this powerful network.


Kea’s world-leading technology for diaspora engagement has been the envy of countless other countries seeking to develop their own expat strategies. New Zealand is truly leading the way in engaging our borderless nation and giving our people opportunities to be active participants in developing New Zealand’s future.

We are very excited about the new partnerships Kea has developed this year to enhance our offerings for New Zealand’s borderless nation. Expats are coming back in record numbers, more optimistic than ever. Read what our expats, returned expats and friends of New Zealand think about housing affordability, economic progress, employment opportunities and more in the 2015 Every Kiwi Counts survey report available on Kea’s website.

A more innovative and resourceful New Zealand is closer than ever before – one based on a global scale, full of integrity and passion. This is our borderless nation, made up of our amazing people.

Thank you all for your continued support of Kea, and for helping to make our great country more connected and effective than ever, as we take on 2016.

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Craig Donaldson
Kea Global CEO