15 things every Kiwi remembers from their childhood

New Zealand was a pretty sweet place as a kid, where else could you hit up the dairy barefoot before having a barbecue on the beach? No matter where in the world you are now, if you grew up in New Zealand you’ll definitely remember some of these from your Kiwi childhood:

1. You used to buy $1 pies from Georgie Pie, or grew up hearing your parents reminisce about $1 George Pies.georgie pie

2. Getting a lamington, custard square or even some lolly cake from the bakery was the ultimate treat.

3. It was totally normal to go to the supermarket barefoot.

4. You stayed up to watch the Goodnight Kiwi.
goodnight kiwi 1980s

5. Any spare change you had was spent on lolly bags at the dairy.

6. No party was lit unless it had fairy bread and cheerios.
kids bday

7. Of course, the only sauce you’d ever dip your cheerios in was Watties tomato sauce.

8. The mad dash for the water across the hot sand after you’d taken your jandals off.

9. Anytime was a good time for a Milo.

10. A milkshake wasn’t a milkshake unless it came in a Longest Drink in Town cup.
longest drink

11. No hill was too small to slide down on a cardboard box.

12. The joy when mum let you have a marmite and chip sandwich.

13. You had to test any patch of grass in case it had prickles.
feet grass

14. Having popsicles and Frujus melting down your arm in summer.

15. Knowing that nothing could beat the first fish and chips on the beach of summer.