Kea Presents: Inspire the Future

Kea is proud to host three events across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch throughout Techweek as we ask members of Kea’s World Class New Zealand Network to discuss opportunities in future industries, and what Kiwi SMEs, large businesses and individuals should know about finding their place in Aotearoa’s future.

Kea Inspire: The Future of Money – Auckland

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When: 7:30-9am, Tuesday 9 May

Where: ASB Cube, 12 Jellicoe St

Tickets: $25, available here

How is our concept of money and currency evolving and changing? What are the global shifts and trends around fintech, and how should we be taking advantage to shape the future of finance?

Our speakers will discuss cryptocurrencies and how these technologies are changing the face of finance, as well as the emerging fintech sector, the future of transactions, ecommerce and how our relationship with money (and traditional financial institutions) will change.

Speakers include Frances Valintine, Mandy Simpson and Leigh Flounders.

Kea Inspire: The Future of Cities – Wellington

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When: 7:30am-9am, Thursday 11 May

Where: KPMG Wellington, 10 Customhouse Quay

Tickets: $25, available here.

How can New Zealand attract the world’s best talent while also offer world-leading opportunities for Kiwis? How do we find our own unique magnetism for our largest hubs to attract these forward thinkers to fuel New Zealand's prosperity?

Our speakers will discuss why we need to encourage innovators, creators and investors to live and work here, and how we need to develop the right infrastructure and build our communities to foster innovation and creativity.

Speakers include Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Peter Biggs and Simon Hunter.


ea Inspire & SingularityU New Zealand: The Future of Food – Christchurch

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When: 7:30-9am, Friday 12 May

Where: The Canterbury Club , 29 Cambridge Terrace

Tickets: $50, available here.

What is the true potential value of the New Zealand food sector? Where are the opportunities around technology and R&D, and what is the global impact our food technology sector can create?

Our speakers will discuss why we need to challenge the current paradigm of the global food ecosystem, and how New Zealand can take advantage of these opportunities to make a global impact. They will also look at our philosophies around the origin of food - how we grow, cook, eat and share it, and shift our mindsets around the future of food - from organic farm-fresh ethically sourced produce, to bio or genetically-engineered food.

Speakers include Andrew Priest, Jade Temepara and Lauder Erasmus.



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