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Tourism Development Adviser (Malaita Province)

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New Zealand

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Volunteer Service Abroad covers costs while you are on assignment, including travel, accommodation, living allowance and more.

Share your tourism experience with the Malaita Provincial Government to help boost sustainable tourism development on the island.

Malaita has a growing tourism sector due to its natural beauty and wildlife. Working alongside Tourism and Culture Division, you will help develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to guide promotion for the province. In this rewarding role, you will engage with local tourism operators and training institutes to help develop marketing materials and tour activities. Part of this work will also involve assisting training institutes to develop courses and materials that support competency-based learning.

This assignment offers an exciting opportunity to support sustainable tourism that celebrates Malaita and provides employment opportunities for graduates.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Substantial experience in business management or a marketing background in the tourism industry
  • Experience training people in tourism and/or hospitality
  • Experience developing and designing hardcopy and online promotional materials
  • Experience developing marketing strategies, particularly in relation to tourism

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