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Are you looking to make more of a difference to society with your commercial skill-set?

We have a range of exciting opportunities for talented Analysts & Senior Analysts to lead the relationship between the Treasury and Crown-owned companies, working to enhance performance through high-quality analysis and risk-based advice to protect value to support the future intergenerational wellbeing of New Zealanders. We have a specific mandate relating to both the financial assets held by Crown Financial Institutions and around 40 commercial and multiple objective companies owned by the Crown.

Our work is at the crossroads between the commercial world and central government, and we require well-rounded professionals from all walks of life to support us in this work and achieve great outcomes for the country.

At the Analyst level you will have around 3 years practical work experience or around 5-10 years at the senior level. You may currently be working in a commercial role or in the financial services sector, or you could be working inside a corporate finance or financial services team in an accounting firm / commercial bank / investment bank / private equity firm. Wherever you are, you will have the intellectual curiosity and flexibility required to continually evolve in step with the dynamics of working in this unique area within central government.

Our positions provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Provide advice to Ministers, in particular the Minister for State Owned Enterprises and Minister of Finance, on opportunities, challenges and risks facing the financial asset and commercial portfolios and the entities and companies within them.
  • Enhance your relationship management skills by leading the management of the relationship between the Treasury and the Crown Financial Institutions and commercial and multiple objective companies that you are responsible for, including representing the Treasury in regular meetings with the Chair, directors and senior management.
  • Work closely with government agencies, a range of external stakeholders and across other Treasury teams.
  • Grow your political nous in influencing and helping shape a number of government priorities, including opportunities to engage and advise ministers and senior officials.
  • Develop and apply tools to improve insights into performance, industry dynamics and key drivers of value and risk.
  • Advise on broader Crown ownership policy and institutional design and advise on commercial transactions on behalf of the Crown.
  • Improve our project and programme management disciplines, leading to greater coordination in our internal and external engagements.
  • Support your professional development goals through a continued focus on personal development, stretch opportunities, and a range of personalised training.

About you:

  • Strong technical skills in modelling and analysis.
  • Solid analytical, critical and strategic thinking abilities to connect and make links back to policy.
  • Experience and practical knowledge of commercial and financial analysis and issues.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills with the ability to communicate issues and concepts clearly, succinctly and with influence.
  • Excellent relationship management and engagement skills with the proven ability to develop and manage professional relationships to support the development, delivery and advice.
  • A strong delivery focus and a demonstrated ability to achieve results by working in collaboration with others across organisations and in a cross-team environment.
  • Intellectual curiosity, receptiveness to different viewpoints, and personal motivation to achieve and develop.

We offer:

  • Interesting & stimulating work across a diverse range of areas, with the opportunity to drive real change and improve living standards.
  • A collaborative work environment where you will interact with a range of people and external stakeholders.
  • A commitment to providing work and training opportunities that support your development and career aspirations.
  • The opportunity to work in a diverse, supportive and high performing environment striving for collective impact.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and understand the importance of fostering a working environment where excellence is recognised and each individual is encouraged to develop their own talents and potential. The Treasury values diversity amongst its employees and encourages a positive work life balance with flexible work arrangements and a range of wellness initiatives.

We offer relocation assistance to international candidates and are open to discussing details which will take into consideration a candidate’s personal circumstances and the position offered.

If you believe you have something to offer the Treasury that may not be covered in the above feel free to get in touch so we can discuss whether your skills and experience align with opportunities we may have in the future.

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Why The Treasury?

Every person working at the Treasury has a role to play in helping to achieve higher living standards. We provide advice to the Government on its overarching economic framework, its fiscal strategy and achieving value for money from its investments. We implement government decisions and are also responsible for the Financial Statements of the Government, ensuring effective management of the assets and liabilities on the Crown’s balance sheet and publishing economic and fiscal forecasts.

By joining the Treasury, you will have interesting, diverse and stimulating work that addresses the big opportunities and complex challenges facing New Zealand and the world. You will be well supported and recognised for your efforts and we’ll develop you in order to reach your full potential and aspirations. We offer a supportive work environment and encourage a healthy work/life balance so that you can join us having fun at work and enjoy a great lifestyle outside of work.

We’re an organisation that is committed to being bold and innovative, passionate and ambitious, collaborative and challenging, adaptable and focused. Our vision is clear and we’re all here to make a big difference.

Why Wellington, New Zealand?

Wellington has been voted the most liveable city in the world – not once, but twice!

To get a sense of what Wellington and New Zealand have to offer, go to New Zealand NOW  and Life in Wellington – WellingtonNZ

The Treasury is an Accredited Employer with NZ Immigration which streamlines the process of obtaining a NZ work visa.

We’ve put together a Relocation Guide to capture some key insights for you about your potential move.





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